Tuesday, September 2, 2008



We've got some new stuff for you.
As you know new posts won't come around alot.
But i am trying to post when i can, so bear with me.

Sept 2: Now Or Never *NEW VERSION!*
Sept 9: I Want It All
Sept 16: HSM Get In The Picture Winner's Single
Sept 30: A Night To Remember
Oct 14: Right Here, Right Now

Here's a new video from Access Hollywood featuring a new junkyard dance scene, and some dialogue between Sharpay and Mrs. Darbus.

Here's the new movie version of "Now Or Never" which has been extended and the Troyella part is better!



MentorBots said...

um, the videos aren't showing up.

-KM™ said...

The longer Now Or Never is good man! I want the mp3 download for it!

Daniel2o2 said...

i love the new version of NOW OR NEVER!!!

teeple12 said...

i downloaded the now or never from itunes, its awesome! lol. but that vid doesnt work for access hollywood, i wanna see it cuz u make it sound amazzing!

hsm3central said...

Hey sayvon! i made new videos to the new HSM3 song previews!

Right Here, Right Now

Can I Have This Dance?

Kirsten said...

i can't wait for the movie, but the Access Hollywood vid don't work. grr! oh well. ONLY 50 DAYS!

Anonymous said...

i cant see vid can u please do something

Anonymous said...

the link for the song download is bad can someone repost it?