Sunday, September 28, 2008

Italian Full Version of Scream


Apparently, Disney now is in a giving mood. Because first we got Walk Away in French, which a friend of mine is working on translating btw. And now... The whole song Scream in Italian.

Now, the question is, who knows Italian? Lol


Download link! Thanks to Daniel for finding this!

Anyways, enjoy!


Katelyn said...

i love this version!!! i'm excited to see how zac can top it.

Anonymous said...

I've heard this song before in English, are you sure it's High School Musical?

Chris Simmons said...

Yes, notice how when he's at the locker, he takes out pics from 'Can I Have This Dance?'

Sharpay's Lover said...

I'm Italian and I know very well.
If you want the traslation ( it won't be perfect XD )
tell me it here.

Jordan said...

this is amazzing! i cannot wait to hear it in english. :D

Chris Simmons said...

I'd love a translation SL, thanks, post it here if it's possible. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

io sono italiano...cercate il testo della canzone?
I am Italian ... look for the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

I want the translation so if you could just post it it be wondbah! I love sank u

Karen Marcell said...

wow sounds really could I imagine English version will be awesome!!!

Rachel said...

love de italian version..
sure i'd love de english version too..

cant wait..