Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here is some news! I found some Promotional Photos of High School Musical 3: Senior Year on a Denmark Fan Site. Here are the photo albums:

Zac Efron:

Vanessa Hudgens:

Ashley Tisdale:

Lucas Grabeel:

Corbin Bleu:

Monique Coleman:

Olesya Rulin:


The High School Musical 3: Senior Year Cast:

Have Fun with the photos!! More news will be coming your way!!

Also, here is a new song preview from A Night To Remember, it's sung in the beginning by Sharpay and Ryan:

And Here is an High Quality movie version of I Want It All Download:


Anonymous said...

kelsi I do not leave albun, do I do?

Anonymous said...

none of the pictures are new,
only the Olesya Rulin picture is.
The rest are a few weeks OLD!

sorry to burst your bubble :/

max said...

hey Sayvon, NEW HSM3 Rehersal video from the Movie Surfers:

Anonymous said...