Friday, September 26, 2008

A Night To Remember


A Night To Remember just premired! And the download link is also up!

View From Youtube!

Music Video

Sorry for the wait, my comp was acting up! The music video is a little too short, but it's still good. I changed my mind on it after watching it enough times.



Rachel said...

thankz 4 de song..
i love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm dissapointed by the music video. Too short, and lackluster"

well it's just a preview! they won't show you the whole thing! u have to go to the movies to see it.

Iya09 said...

Chris matt's vid of the song has the lyrics :

Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you very much chris. i love hsm3!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay i have one thing to say...STUPID DUMB SITE! Get new stuff like music on it and a better layout and colers and stop acting like you have the best HSM3 site i say you should shut this site down! ITS SO DANG STUPID! I like and and and the official HSM3 site and other HSM3 sites! This is the only one i strongly dislike!

Autumn said...

I enjoyed this, yeah, I agree that the video was a tad short but it is only to get us excited. :-D. I have to say that I enjoy y'alls site. :-D

Chris Simmons said...

Annonymous, get off if you hate it so much, no one cares if you want us shut down that isn't happening. Got it? Good.