Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Getting Started!


The newest song from High School Musical 3, Just Getting Started is now online! Sung by the High School Musical: Get In The Picture winner!


Ironic that yesterday I said it would come out on the 16th and now, it's already released.

The actual song, sung as a single by the winner of HSM: GITP(For those who weren't following, Stan won) will be up on itunes Sepetember 16th.

The Download Link


Anyways, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hears, Where do I get the songs in high school musical 3?

Anonymous said...

Can you give me your msn? d martuky

Chris Simmons said...

Sorry I don't have an MSN, as for the songs, you can buy them on itunes, or listed to them from the links provided on this blog.

Anonymous said...

OK. thank you very much. the look on your blog if that

Anonymous said...