Monday, July 21, 2008

HSM 2 Dance Trailer!

Here is the trailer for High School Musical 2: Dexluxe Dance Edition DVD.
There are 5 hours of bonus features and the deleted scenes are there, especially the Gabriella Room Scene.



Anonymous said...

can you please put the download link for this video?!

(with out the name: PADDY441
if you can)

Anonymous said...

sweeeeet! I am SO buying this, eventhough i already have the Extended Edition HSM2 DVD. :)

Aly said...

i can't wait for the dvd!!
This video is about the boyband ashley's boyfriend is in called VFactory. Please check it out because I need all the views I can get so I can win a contest.(you can even play and mute it while you do something else on the computer)

Anonymous said...

Again it sounds great but I would love to know if it will be available in South Africa