Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Disney has announced a September 23 release date for the High School Musical 2: 2-Disc Deluxe Edition DVD. The DVD will include an interactive dance-along, a virtual scrapbook, deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes special, and a special look at High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

This DVD comes out a month before High School Musical 3: Senior Year hits theaters.


Joanne said...

Yes! Now maybe we'll finally see that scene of Gabriella in her room.

DeeSA said...

I am in South Africa and while I find this all great news... I wish there was a way to find out the release dates for my country!!

Branflakes said...

maybe it will show where monique coleman swims...she learned how to swim for the movie but they never included it!

Anonymous said...

people mag scans...behind the scenes of High School Musical 3...with pics



Anonymous said...

im happy cuz this prolly will include all the cast jumping in the pool at the end and that scene where taylor talks to gabriella in her room before the show. cannot wait! it will prep me for hsm3

mj said...

there are 20 deleted scenes that are confirmed:
1-ryan's book (show in the what time is it music video but never included)
2-sharpay's pie scene
3-troy and coach bolton bbq talk
4-taylor getting gabriella to sing (room scene)
5-taylor comforting chad
6-all the cast jump in the pool instead of just troy and gabby
7-longer car scene sharpay and ryan talk while arriving to lava springs
9-longer hallway scenes and classroom scene (orignally shorten out but in this dvd the full version)
10-troy and gabriella's ride (still dont know what that scene is we'll have to wait and see)

do not say their fake they are confirmed by disney and in my country this dvd comes out in august 22 with the cheetah girls one world primiere and the hannah montana concert and camp rock dvd i cant wait