Thursday, July 17, 2008

*NON-HSM* HM Movie Stuff!

Wildcats Fans Or Hannah Fans,

Most of you know Miley Ray Cyrus is off in Cali, all over filming for the new theaterical film: The Hannah Montana Movie! (Applause)

Many pictures and info have leaked about the movie.
We know some details.

Robbie Ray Stewart persuades Miley Stewart aka Hannah Montana to travel to her hometown, Crowley Corners, to reflect about the things that really matter in her life. Miley doesn't realize she lets Hannah Montana take over her life sometimes. Miley and the gang take a chill pill in Tenessee as many events happen. Lily has a sweet sixteen which Miley chose to go to as Hannah which causes alot of meyhem. Both Miley and Robbie have love interests, Miley's is an old friend who has feelings for her, but doesn't tell her. Robbie's the foreman of Miley's grandmother's farm. Also, there's some sneaky person played by Peter Gunn who knows and tries to reveal Miley's secret. The Stewart family appears, as well as some familar faces, Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams have parts. Also, Taylor Swift, Marcel, Rascal Flatts, Bucky Covington, and William Gentner all make cameos in the movie as well.

With a couple of showstopping dance numbers and new Hannah songs. One dance number happens to be on the beach as Miley dance and sings "Best Of Both Worlds, switching from Miley to Hannah. I'm guessing it was a dream sequence because in a video, there is a weird dream related noise. I also predict that it is the opening number maybe!

The Hannah Montana Movie is sheduled to open in theaters May 1, 2009!



mrs.crayzee4joejonas121212 said...

wow this song is so not miley cyrus' or hannah montana's style. i'm sorry to all the people who like this song, i really am,but i dont think it's really that good. sorry miley!! (=^|