Friday, July 18, 2008

New HSM 3 Spoilers!

I have some exclusive hsm3 spoilers from an extra on set. Thanks Kay.


  • Gabriella left East High early so she is missing the prom and Troy comes in his blue tux and they dance under the tree.
  • At Stanford during that scene. They're under this huge tree when they're dancing and Troy is like sitting up in the tree and then jumps down.
  • Troy and Gabriella walk under this terrace thing and Troy says "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • The song starts with Troy "Take my hand, take the wheel, I'll take the lead."
  • Troy and Gabriella kiss after "Can I Have This Dance."

  • Sharpay sings "A Night To remember", Then Tiara comes out and tries to steal the show, then the two girls have a sing off.
  • Also during the musical, Ryan comes up and lays on the top of the piano while Kelsi is playing and he has black sparkly pants on with a shirt that reads "LUXURY" across his back. He sings a few lines and then gets off the piano.
  • The first song in the musical is where the basketball team comes out...10 basketballs will drop from the ceiling and the team will do sort of a sequel to "Getcha Head In The Game"
  • Then Sharpay comes out and starts to sing "Just Wanna Be With You" and Troy is supposed to sing with her but he is no where to be found.
  • Then Jimmy comes out and sings with her, she is allergic to his Cologne and she runs off stage sneezing.
  • Then Troy comes out from the back and picks up with "Just Wanna Be With You" and he and Gabriella finish the song.

  • "Once a wildcat, Always a wildcat!" (remember that quote)
    At Graduation, Troy gets up and gives a graduation speech. Saying things like "Where the geeks can break it down."
  • There were about 600 extras and they were all in red and white caps and gowns. They formed a huge "EH" out on the football field and then go into the Wildcat formation, and then they throw up their caps and gowns.
  • Ryan starts singing "High School Musical" on one side of the stage, then they shoot over to Sharpay in her blinged out graduation gown.
  • You will find out that Troy goes to Berkley, Chad goes to U of Albuquerque for basketball. Gabriella goes to Stanford, Sharpay takes over the east high drama department and Ryan and Kelsi get scholarships from Julliard.


Anonymous said...

i don't understand.. here you say that Sharpay and Tiara have song together.. so whet he don't on the track listening?
and " A night to remember "is more Sharpay song?
and Sharpay sing on " Just Wanna be with you?"
sorry for my english i am from Israel

Anonymous said...

ugh wth the troypay song becomes troyella =[

Anonymous said...

ughhhh, i read the last part. :( i didnt want to know who got the scholarships!! :(

Anonymous said...

So A night to remember is not the prom?

Anonymous said...

''A Night To Remember'' is a musical prom scene.

Anonymous said...

Troypay,eww.Ha,although it's really funny to think of.Uggh.I just have this hate/love thing towards spoilers but it's because I wanna be suprised,but it's just too long of a wait.I'm not very patient.Aww,all I really wanted to know is where the Troyella kiss happen.But thanks for the info,Sayvon!

kirsten said...

ah this is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

are you sure cthis i s real? why arent these songs on the tracklisting?> plz email me at with info thx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Like I posted before,''A Night To Remember'' is a musical prom scene.Those pictures of the prom when Troy's wearing blue is a part of the musical/play that they do.

Anonymous said...

eww stupid troyella, that is so retarded that sharpay takes over the drama department, that's so STUPID!!! at least troy and gabs can't b 2gether bcuz she's goin to stanfordio!! haha, stupid hsm3

Anonymous said...

Carn't belive they split Troyella up that is so so sad!

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