Friday, July 25, 2008

More Books!


This week has been a slow news week, but alot of new book information has been released up to March 2008.

High School Musical 3
Bonjour, Wildcats
February 24, 2009
Ooh, la la! A foreign exchange student named Jean-Claude has come to East High. He's handsome, friendly . . . and he's French! Jean-Claude is fascinated by American high school customs-almost as much as all the Wildcats are fascinated by him! Of course, Sharpay vies for his attention, but he's even got Kelsi's head turning. When Kelsi finds out that Jean-Claude is also a musician, she becomes even more smitten! Will she be able to overcome her shyness-or will her attempts hit a sour note?

High School Musical: Stories From East High
In The Spotlight
December 23, 2008
An indie film produced by Sharpay and Ryan's dad is getting rave reviews, so he invites Sharpay, Ryan and their friends to LA for the premiere! Troy, Gabriella, Taylor, and Chad are psyched! What could be better than hanging out at the beach and rubbing elbows with the stars? Meanwhile, Sharpay is ecstatic-her dreams of being discovered are finally going to come true! However, she soon realizes that becoming famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Will Sharpay get her big break, or will she say goodbye to Hollywood?

High School Musical:
Curtains Up in 3-D
March 17, 2009
This novelty book is sure to delight any High School Musical fan! It features 16 pages and an 8-page fold-out poster! Plus readers get 2 pairs of customized 3-D glasses with each book.


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