Saturday, July 19, 2008

some new HSM 3 Info has surfaced, some of this info confirms the tracklisting!

The trio admit their dancing and singing is extremely limited in the flick (McKenzie-Brown sings in "Night to Remember, the Reprise" and Prokop in "Just Wanna Be With You"), but they understand it's still the upperclassmen's show. For now, that is.
"We have six major production musical numbers in 'High School Musical 3,' where I think our schedule only really allowed me to design for a couple in the past," Ortega says.
That includes a Busby Berkeley inspired cafeteria number, a senior show that references important moments in the first two films, a duet between Efron and Bleu to a new song, "Boys Are Back," and a prom scene that may or may not include a dream sequence.
"It is definitely not like my high school prom. It's a little bit more grand," Efron says. "It's kind of a fantasy, too. There's kind of a twist; you'll see. I'm not sure it will make sense tonight, but when you see the movie it will."
In the scene, filmed in an East High School gym decorated to the nines, Efron and Hudgens sing a romantic song while the rest of the cast members switch partners midwaltz. A prominent gazebo at one end of the dance floor may provide a musical portal to another scene (or so the cast teases us). As the actors twirl around a lighted centerpiece again and again, there seems to be some magic in the air. Whether that will bring new fans to the franchise once the movie hits theaters remains to be seen, but for the hard-core fans? This is heaven.

In "HSM3," Efron's character, Troy, is facing the prospect of separating from his high school sweetheart, Gabriella (Hudgens) as graduation day gets closer. That night, the cast would film the milestone prom scene, and it provided yet another challenge for Efron: waltzing.
As for the movie's new songs, one of Bleu's favorites, and co-star Zac Efron's as well, is "The Boyz Are Back."
He notes, "This was the first time Zac and I really got to dance with one another with partner dancing. It was awesome, really good. I'm very impressed with him, too. He's come a long way."
"The number itself is like nothing anyone's seen before," Bleu says. "
We're dancing on top of cars in this junkyard, dirt flying everywhere; it's this real macho number. We're rolling on tires, just really innovative things that were so creative."
Corbin Bleu and the gang filmed the final scene of the movie, and it was an emotional moment for all.
"We had one section where we walk past a curtain and we turn around and we all put our hands up and that's the end," Bleu recalls. "We looked at the playback, and it's this shot of a curtain closing on us with our backs turned and our hands up, and we looked at each other, and it really was a sad moment. We all group hugged. Lots of people were crying."



Anonymous said...

How does that confim the tracklisting? If there is a reprise for a Night To Remember that only means that one from the other day is fake because that wasn't on it.

Anonymous said...

hey Sayvon, did the HSM3 music video premier in Latin America or was it just a rumor?

Anonymous said...

A Night To Remember Reprise? Well that deffinetely doesnt confirm the tracklisting. The reprise of A Night to Remember wasnt even included in the "official" tracklisting. Does that mean that one of the sogs is a fake? I just wish someone would tell us the REAL tracklisting, then we could be sure...

Anonymous said...

Well in a good morning america thing keny said there was 14 songs and the tracklist had ,like, 12 so i'm convinced that the original tracklist was not the full one. not that it wasn't real but that it simply was not the whole thing.


Dont be such dicks! Sayvon has worked his ass off on this site! and its awsome! He gets the info okay dont get angry at him is somethings wrong he post it because thats what he was told so dont blame him blame the people that made it up! That trcklist was not wrong it just had an extra song u retards! so leave him alone or eles!!!!

Anonymous said...

^ Calm down, would you?