Sunday, June 15, 2008

"High School Musical"

I have the audio download to "High School Musical."

Here are the lyrics:

Can you see the truth?

It's not only possible
Doin doing what we want

Where ever we'll always have high school!

Have a party!
Let's celebrate!

Cause' the world's one big stage

But in it what you want, it can be yours

Everybody sing now!

Can you show us where we're gonna go?

it's where the status is we know

High school, lives on for ever more
High School, High School, Musical

A conversation without a script, no-one's written it.
And now we have a chance to...

And someday we'll be lookin' back,
Memories we've had,
All the suff that we went through...

[Sharpay & Ryan]
The best of times, cannot leave them behind
I have the rest of my life!
(We even had fun)
High School Musical, who says we have to let it go?
It's the best one we've even known
step into the future
We're goin on to
High School Musical, let's celebrate where we've come from.
With fans who've been there all along, That's right...
Also another song has been confirmed by an extra to Corbin Bleu Fans.
The Troy and Chad duet will be called....
Boys Are Back!
It's the musical number in the movie that Troy and Chad are in a junkyard dancing, stomping on cars, banging on trash cans, and of course singing.


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