Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey Wildcats,
I got some more information about the movie. They aren't really spoilers but they do give away information.

*Warning* Small Spoilers *****

Troy Bolton's parents will return and we will see his uncle who will be played by Bart Johnson's brother, Brad Johnson.
Chad Danforth's parents will be in the movie but it is unknown who plays them.
Sharpay's Mom & Dad will return as Mr. and Mrs. Evans.
Gabriella's Mom will return in the movie from being absent from the second movie, but little is known about Gabriella's Dad.
There is a car wash scene where 4 buff guys was Sharpay's car of course.
There are a total of 3 or 4 solo songs. Sharpay, Ryan and Troy are rumored to have them and maybe Gabriella.


Eva said...

If Gabriella doesn't have a solo, I won't watch the movie!!!!!

Cecilia Gellar said...

Why not 'eva'??
She will still sing other songs..
Plus i dont like Gabriella so much, im a Sharpay fan and she has never had a solo song!

Anonymous said...

David is playing Chad's father in the movie.

Anonymous said...

in the spoilres you said that sharpay anhd rayan have a solo songs.. its remur or is confried?

Anonymous said...

god byrjun