Friday, June 27, 2008

HSM 3 New Troyella Duet!


Yet another song title has been revealed by a HSM 3 insider.
The new song title is called......

"May I Have This Dance?"

The song is sung by no other than Troy and Gabriella.
The scene in the movie shows them dancing and singing at Stanford.
Troy is in a tree going to surprise Gabriella at Stanford University. He jumps down, and they start singing, and dancing. May I Have This Dance? was the main statement posed throughout the song. It starts out with Troy singing, “Take my hand…I’ll take the lead.”


Anonymous said...


Troy surprises Gabi and he is in a treee! :)

Sayvon! said...

that is so sweet and awesome!
this might be the best part in the movie!
he suprises her at stanford and starts singing to her,
then she joins in and they sing a happy melody that will make ur hearts sing!

pcsolotto said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess it's kinda nice of him, even though Troyella sickens me.

Branflakes said...

dude, you cant just go with what people put in the comments. just because someone said that they think one of the songs is called so and so and it takes place with such and such doesnt mean its accurate. check your sources. other than that, i enjoy checking this blog daily.