Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hi, this is Bigbrolv, and I just bought the HSM3 Sing Together Gabriella Doll for my sister, and Walk Away sounds much better than the first two Gabriella solos. I'll try to make a recording and will post as fast as possible, but for now, here is the lyrics from the doll:

(Also, it doesn't give the full song; just a 30-sec preview)

Just Walk Away, oh, and don't look back
'Cause this what I pray, that's gonna hurt so bad
You know how strong, but I can't think back
Before it's too late, oh, just walk away
(Oh, Just Walk Away)
Ooh, just walk away
(Oh, just walk away)

I'm not sure that's correct, but that's what I heard


Eva said...

this is going to be the best HSM song EVER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS IT????????

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna post it BigBrolv? Just make a short video for it on youtube even if it isn't that good. I just wanna hear what it sounds like with Vanessa.

Bigbrolv (Kelsi Nielsen Lover) said...

I can't make a recording and post it on here. I don't know how, but a person on here told me that they created the clip but is trying to get it on the internet. so be patient plz!

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. Thanks :]

hsm3central said...

i heard the preview. call 1-303-552-9830 and press number 8. and honestly, it didnt really catch me like "gotta go my own way"

JT said...

I like it. It's not as emotional as 'Gotta Go My Own Way' but I like it.