Sunday, October 19, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Lyrics


Here are the lyrics for the 12 songs included in the movie. By the way, on the trailer when they said 10 songs, they excluded the We're All in This Together and the Medley. Anyway, here are the lyrics for:

Now or Never:

Right Here Right Now:,-Right-Now-lyrics-oucdcdeh.html

I Want It All:

Can I Have This Dance:

A Night to Remember:

Just Wanna Be With You:

The Boys Are Back:

Walk Away:


Senior Year Spring Musical Medley:

We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix):

High School Musical:

Thanks to Songs-Lyrics. Net and for myself for giving them the lyrics from my laptop!


Anonymous said...

Lyrics of The boys are back & HSM are not correctly

MentorBots said...

awesome...but some of the lyrics are wrong.

RaCheL said...

some of de lyrics r wrong..

hsm3lover13(sakina) said...

hey is any1 is interested here is the first hsm3 soundtrack playba

hsm3lover13(sakina) said...

srry that was the wrong link here is the right one umm i think it is

hsm3lover13(sakina) said...

hsm3lover13(sakina) said...

ok there it is ^^^

rachel said...

thx 4 de link...

Rohan Patil said...

ca u tell me when is hsm3 releasing in india?

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~~~~NEW HSM3 MUSIC VIDEO~~~~~~~~
NEW Music Video of HSM3 called “Can I Have This Dance?”

RacheL said...

thx 4 de link...

Anonymous said...

I just saw it here in New Jersey and let me tell you it was great!!!! If this is the last with the original cast they ended it perfect, TRUST ME!!!!! The movie really tied things up nicely. Remember when you see the movie to wait till the end credits cause I think what is written in the year book style is written on purpose. Maybe just wishful thinking but you never know!!!

Niko C.

Anonymous said...

Hey,I am a huge fan of thissite,I check this site about 8-9 times a day,and I expect news every day or at least every other day,there hasn't been news in 6 days ,6!!! I have ALOT of friends who check this site alot to and we are all kind of frustrated,we know this site isn't your whole life but PLEASE try to get some new news in,like how certain new scenes have been leaked on youtube like the boys are back scene ad how the right here right now music video has been released,anything,just please put in some new news,thanks.

your fan,

RacHeL said...

check this out:
boyz are back by US5...

RacHeL said...

check this out..
its recorded frm de theaters..
but u can still watch it,,,

the boyz are back:

high school musical:

walk away:

we're all in this together:


a night to remember:



Anonymous said...

i'm planning to watch it on monday~ Can't wait =]

Anonymous said...

I have already filed a complaint,PLEASE post something else,like how the movie has been leaked on,just anything,about how succesfull it was PLEAS POST NEWS

Anonymous said...

they can't post any new things. there is no "NEW POST" button, making it unable for savvyon, chris, or anyone else to edit.

Anonymous said...

high my name is sahrish i wish i could watch it in cinemas but i am a bit busy i love you troy and gabrella and ryan and sharpay and chad and taylor oh i forgot to say i love the songs called a night to remember and high school musical you know what i am going to listen to it on utube right now

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