Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby V Is Back Again!

Vanessa Hudgens has begun work on her second album. It has been confirmed by Hollywood Records that she has 14 tracks completed as of late December.

3 of those tracks have been co-wrote by Vanessa herself.

3 tracks have been revealed:
Whisper, It Feels Right, and I Will!

"Whisper"is described as a sexy new style for Vanessa as she teases a guy over a rhythmic beat.
"I Will" has been written by Hilary Duff. The song was originally intended for Duff's re-release of her album Dignity but was later scrapped and given to Vanessa.

Jesse McCartney has also been said to be writing a song for the album.

Jessie Malakouti from Shut Up Stella has also written and recorded 2 demos "Trash Me" and "Commitment Issues" which have been pitched to Hollywood Records. Jessie has had a meeting with the label to confirm whether or not Vanessa will record the songs for her album.

Vanessa told Seventeen that the album sounds like nothing people have ever heard from her and it will have a more jazzier, hip hop, & R&B sound.

Blender Magazine confirmed that the album will be produced by J.R. Rotem & Sean Garrett and will explore the dark side of Hollywood.

The album is due in late May/early June.

Also, It is confirmed that Ashley Tisdale will be making a brand new re-release for her sond "Be Good To Me." It is unknown when the video will premiere or when she will start shooting for it!
We'll wait as long as she Be's Good To Us! LOL

And confirmed but unknown, Ashley Tisdale will record a song with Hip-Hop rapper Lil Mama.
The song is rumored to be called "Graffti Gurl" and will be included on Lil Mama's new album Voices Of The Young People, which is rumored to be released in March.