Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HSM 3 Senior Year! Give Me Another Beat!

Let's Do It Again!

They're back: Zac Efron,Vanessa Hudgens,Ashley Tisdale,Lucas Grabeel,Corbin Bleu,Monique Coleman, and the rest of them for Walt Disney Pictures' Newest Movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year! releasing October 24, 2008!

Join all our singing high school seniors as they sing their way from high school drama. Troy(Zac) and Gabriella (Vanessa) will face the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about their future.

The big-screen musical is expected to start shooting shortly (April) and is being directed once again by KENNY ORTEGA from a script by "HSM" writer PETER BARSOCCHINI.

Source: ET Online
Credit: Hollywood Media Source

High School Musical 3 (Tentative Tracklist)

01. Laughter (Cast)
02. Mixin' My Turn (Troy)
03. Dance In The Rythm If U Wannabe (Sharpay & Sharpettes)
04. Our Prom Time! (Cast)
05. Let's See It (Darbus & Jack Bolton)
06. I am Over You (Sharpay & Gabriella)
07. Miss Is Coming to Here (Ryan & Gabriella)
08. The Dress (Cast)
09. Hollywood in School (Sharpay, Taylor & Kelsi)
10. I Was Thinkin About Everytime (Gabriella & Troy)
11. It Will Never End (Cast)

Credit: High School Musical 2 Mania & Centrum HSM
Can you say the greatest coolest newest movie ever?
Cannot wait!


pipku said...

The track list is fake and fan made.