Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All HSM3: Senior Year Facts!

Sharpay will try to come between Troy and Gabriella.
Sharpay's plan will not work as easily as it did in HSM2!
Sharpay will have a new crush ~~ Zeke? Maybe!
Sharpay, of course, will do anything to get prom queen.
We'll see the side of Gabriella from HSM and the side from HSM2 ~~ Someone Gets Stronger!
Gabriella won't let Sharpay get in her head this time.
Ryan shows more of his wildcat spirit instead of Sharpay's poodle/sidekick/lab rat.
Chad and Taylor are trying to get the dating thing to work.
Taylor basically trys to tell Chad to just ask me out like a gentlemen but Chad isn't that focused.
Troy and Gabriella want to get the lead roles in the spring musical.
Sharpay will try and compete to get a lead role in the musical again.
The wildcats are worried about their future in college without each other.
The wildcats wonder if they'll still be all in this together.
Jason gets a new girlfriend ~~ could it be Kelsi or Martha or someone new.
Ryan shows more of his Gabriella crush from HSM2.
The new wildcats, Tiara, Donnie, Jimmy, will be in the musical and more likely to be seen hanging out with the wildcat seniors.
****** and ****** will become prom king and queen.
There will be alot more powerful musical numbers and bigger dance numbers and scenes.
The movie takes place at East High, and we will see the rooms of Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay.
The DVD will most likely be made for a 2009 Summer Release.
We know the movie will be made for a October 24 Theaterical Release only in theaters.
It will make you cry, laugh, and be on the edge of your seats to see what happens next.
There will be references to the first two films and more.
Troy, Sharpay and Gabriella all get solos.
Troy and Gabriella will sing a duet.
The recent tracklisting is not confirmed and the new tracklisting cannot be released.
Everything has to stay under wraps until it's closer to the release of HSM3.
The Movie Premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year will be at Disney World on October 24.
More Drama, More Attitude, More Laughs, More Songs, More Dances, More HSM than ever before.


cheekymano said...

do u know WHERE to get the hsm 3 premire tickets

cheekymano said...

do u know WHERE to get the hsm 3 premire tickets
email me when u get the answer

Lajpe said...

Can you mail me to?
I love high school musical so please send me the information when you get it!