Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad News From Tony Oller!

Hey everybody,
Well I said I'd tell you what happened. Today ended up being a bad day. When I got home from school I found out somebody else got the part in HSM3. they told me I was the only triple threat there (in other words people who can do all 3 things sing/dance/act) but they said I was overqualified like all my talents would be a competition for Zac's character instead of being like a "wannabe Troy". I'm bummed because I thought I did my best in the auditions and this was my dream role and I would have worked so hard for them. What's weird is 2 years ago I got a meeting with the head of casting and she said I wasn't at Zac Efron's level yet. So since then I've been working hard at my acting and music and now I didn't get the role because I'm at that level. I thought I did my best but it wasn't what they wanted I guess. I wish I would have found out sooner and not gotten my hopes up. It's pretty depressing when people don't have enough faith in you. I think I need a break from everything and all my worthless lessons for awhile. Anyway I appreciate all your support for me. Give me a few days and I'll write back to everybody as much as I can. God bless.

Aww. I wish he would have made it. He could have been a good part of the movie.
He would have been so good.
Sorry, Tony!