Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Albums!

These 3 former High School Musical 3 Graduates,solo artists,and dancers are back again for all new albums.Their ready to start again making music for the world.

Corbin Bleu- in the recording studio
new songs- "New One"
Vanessa Hudgens- finished, in the process of choosing the tracks, recorded 20 songs and bonus tracks also.
new songs- "Whisper", "It Feels Right", "I Will"
Ashley Tisdale- going to the recording studio soon
new songs- "Superstar"

We're all ready to see what these former hsm stars can bring to the table again and this time more improved. We're All In This Together Again!

Also, Mitchel's been in the recording studio a lot.
He has his own rap album in the works,which uncludes r&b,pop,rap,hip-hop, and jazz. He even co-wrote 6 songs for it.
All of released his songs are:
"Let's Go"
"Wasn't Your Girlfriend"
"White Striped Gloves"
"Red Carpet"
"My Best Friend"
"Lean On Me"
"License For Love"
"If I Didn't Have You"

Mitchel also has the song "If I Didn't Have You" with Hannah co-star Emily Osment for Disney Mania 6.